The Tournament Returns After 40 Years

1973-teamimages jawoindex mon fernandezimages adornadoWith the recent developments in Lebanon and in some West Asian countries, the Philippines will be the host of this year’s edition of the FIBA Asian Championship. The latest sports news mentioned that this year’s host was in the same role in 1973 when the basketball tournament was known as Asian Basketball Confederation (ABC). The games would be held from August 1 to 11, 2013 at the MOA Arena (main venue) and Ninoy Aquino Stadium (secondary venue).

This blogger recalled that he saw a copy of the souvenir program of the said event. For this week’s post, he shares with his readers the following details of the said reading material by remembering some of them:

  • The coaching staff of the Philippine team was headed by Valentin “Tito” Eduque (whose favorite color for clothing outfit is white) and his assistant was Carlos “Caloy” Loyzaga.
  • The team manager was Dante Silverio.
  • The team’s trainer was Juan Cantillas.
  • The Philippines was the champion of the year’s ABC edition beating South Korea in the finals.
  • The players in the line-up became the manpower of the later league founded two years later, the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA): Robert Jaworski, Ramon Fernandez, Francis Arnaiz, Jaime Mariano, Rosalio Martirez, Manuel Paner, Dave Regullano, Abet Guidaben,  Bogs Adornado, Tembong Melencio, Joy Cleofas, Big Boy Reynoso, Larry Mumar among others.
  • The venue was the Rizal Memorial Coliseum in Vito Cruz, Manila.
  • The muse of the Philippine team was Vilma Santos.
  • The television station that broadcast the event was Channel 13 (which was then under the Radio Mindanao Network)

Since the said sports event would be a major one, this blogger suggests that the television stations in the Philippines come up with features on the 1973 ABC in their sports programs or film documentaries where the said nation and its people would remember and learn that forty years ago it hosted the prestigious basketball tournament.

The photos for this week’s post were taken from online sources as references. (From Top to Bottom: The 1973 ABC Philippine Team, Robert Jaworski, Ramon Fernandez, Bogs Adornado)

That’s all for now.

Until the next post.

Happy Days Ahead to All of Us!


2 thoughts on “The Tournament Returns After 40 Years

  1. Sori po pero past perfect participle po ang broadcast so wala dapat ed kahit past tense na along w/ let,hit,put,cast,wet.,etc.

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