“Isusumbong Kita Sa Tatay Ko”: FPJ as Father and Judy Ann as Daughter

“Isusumbong Kita Sa Tatay Ko” is a Filipino movie which starred the late Fernando Poe, Jr. (FPJ) as Badong, a widower who is a mechanic working in an auto repair shop in their neighborhood.

Judy Ann Santos played FPJ’s daughter Joey who is approaching the young adulthood stage. As a father, Badong is very protective of his daughter. He advises her to go with the right company of people who will influence her for the better. But this is easier said than done because a group of young people who live on the fast lane wants her to join them. Joey does not want to be alienated with people who are in the  same age level as her, so sometimes she joins them. Badong learns about this and warned her that she cut off her ties with them. The young ones led by a character named Archie played by Kier Legaspi came from rich families. Archie is also a nephew of a congressman whose name came in handy when he is caught in troubles where he just name dropped his uncle. He did it several times and his uncle warned him that if he is caught in trouble again, the congressman would not intervene anymore to free him from police arrest.

Archie invited Judy Ann’s character to attend his birthday party. At first, the latter had no intention to go, but later changed her mind after the young people did a little convincing. She did not tell her father about it and went to the party. Badong learned this from his mother played by Anita Linda and through paternal instinct followed Joey to Archie’s home. His instinct proved to be correct because he saw Archie’s friend put a pill which turned out to be laced with drugs in the lady’s drink given to Joey. Joey thought that Badong gate crashed the party to embarrass her but the latter was just protecting the former.

Joey and Badong had a heart to heart talk where it was revealed that Joey is an adopted daughter of Badong and his late wife. Her real father was played by Robert Arevalo who left her in a church when she was a baby and found later by Badong and his wife. Arevalo’s character made sure that his daughter will have a better future in their hands. Badong treated Joey like his own daughter and accompanied her to see her real father. She met her real brothers and sisters and spent a few days with them. Her real father understood where her daughter’s heart is, so he allowed her to come back to Badong’s home.

Meanwhile, the spoiled Archie who was beaten to a pulp in the earlier party by Badong planned to take revenge to the latter. Using the friends of his bodyguard played by Paquito Diaz,  they tried to kill him in the auto shop where he worked but they failed. Archie was arrested by the police when Diaz squealed the mastermind of the crime. As promised by his uncle, he did not intervene.

One day, Joey dropped by the shop to see Badong and the father and daughter are together again. During the closing credits of the movie, FPJ and Judy Ann performed as a background song a VST hit entitled “Awitin Mo, At Isasayaw ko”.

The images used for this week’s post were taken from online sources as references.

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