“Lemonade Mouth”: A Disney Channel Original Movie

“Lemonade Mouth” was a Disney Channel original movie in 2011 which was recently re-broadcasted during this year’s Holy Week. The story line was about five teenagers (3 girls and 2 boys) who met in a high school detention for a violation of a school policy. During that time, they found out that they have musical inclinations to form a band. The next day at a pizza parlor, one of the girls who is the most outspoken among them, told the four that she included their names for a musical performance at the school’s Halloween Night. However, a competitor band called “Midnight Crush”, where the boyfriend of one of the girls was the guitarist, posed a challenge for them. The girl, whose parents came from India to become US citizens, told the latter that she will be competing with his band and it’s nothing personal. The vocalist of the said rival band belittled the efforts of the new band and treated the competitors very hard and harsh to the point of coaxing the five into trouble several times. During one of the encounters, the outspoken girl spit the lemonade she drank to the face of the vocalist. He told the girl that she has a lemonade mouth. Thus, “Lemonade Mouth” became the band’s name, as the narrator, the girl whose grandmother is her guardian because her father is in prison, of the story said.

The friends treat drinking lemonade as a motivator for them to be positive and perform with excellence. Most of the time, this is their favorite beverage. This is the reason why the outspoken girl felt sad when the vendo machine for lemonade was being pulled out from their school canteen. She called her four other friends at an emergency meeting at the school premises to protest the said action. The crew assigned to pull out the machine was just doing their job and this cause a commotion between them and the teenagers. This brought the latter for a detention at a police station where they waited for their parents or guardians to pick them up after posting bail. The trouble they encountered made their camaraderie as band members and friends more stronger and resolved that they would not quit in their musical interests. Earlier, they thought they could not finish practicing their number for the Halloween Night show, but they did.

On the night of their show, the rival band performed a hard rock number and applauded by the audience. When their turn came, their number was applauded more. After this, the outspoken girl of the band made a pitch against the school of principal for ordering the removal of the vendo machine for the lemonade in order to promote a new beverage for the canteen. The principal decided to shut down the sound system himself so that the friends would not be able to gather support for the planned protest. The next day, the five were called by the principal at his office and told them that they will not perform anymore in school activities. However, the five friends  decided that they can perform as a band outside the school premises because they saw the support made by the majority of students. A friend of them was able to make a demo CD of their song entitled “Determinate” which was played at the local radio station and became a hit for listeners. Unfortunately before their first night of performance at the pizza parlor, most of them became sick, injured and had personal problems. To add insult to injury, one of the audience during the show was the vocalist of the rival band and criticized their show directly at the stage which caused trouble at the venue. However, the Lemonade Mouth, still continue to have more fans which gave them an opportunity to join a talent search competition where they will face again their perennial rival.

Just like the Halloween Night show, the rival band performed first. However, when it was their turn, they can not perform their number very well, wherein the boyfriend of the girl whose parents were from India, helped them to be able to start. He was expelled by the vocalist of the rival band on the spot because of his act but this was good for him because the former can not stand the bad attitude of the latter. Majority of the audience encouraged the members of the Lemonade Mouth to do their popular song by starting to sing its lines and the friends appreciated the gesture by singing with them. Although they lost the contest, they gained more respect from the people.

The boy, who composed the song in collaboration with the girl narrator, did not approve at first of his father’s girl friend as his stepmother if ever the couple get married. He later changed his decision when she was the one who picked him up the police station when they got into trouble with the crew who pulled out the lemonade vendo machine. On his father’s wedding day, his four friends were invited and the outspoken girl had for a seatmate in the ceremony, a college buddy of her friend’s father. The said person was a member of a band during his college days and engaged in the business of vendo machine for lemonade. He later turned out to be the owner of the previous one which was pulled out from their school. Just as luck would have it, a new one was donated at the school’s canteen by him. Another luck for the five friends happened when they were able to perform with a large audience at the Madison Square Garden, with a new member who was expelled from the rival band. The Lemonade Mouth was able to hurdle problems, misunderstandings and challenges that confronted them.

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The quotes that can be considered related to this week’s post are the following:

1. “Dreaming doesn’t mean letting go of being practical, it only means dressing up what’s practical in colors.”

2. “You can find solutions and leave the blame game behind. Remember to forgive and forget. Resentment will only lead to an eventual falling out.”


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    • Hello and thanks for visiting the blog. It’s nice to know that it is your favorite movie. This is the trademark of Disney movies. Youth oriented movies with lessons to learn.

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